How can I prevent hearing loss?

Hearing loss is inevitable in most cases except for a few reasons, like noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing loss is a slow process hence challenging to diagnose. If hearing loss is affecting your everyday interactions of personal and work life, we can help you.
Prevention of Hearing Loss

A report of WHO (2018) says that in India, the prevalence of hearing loss is around 6.3% (63 million people who have hearing loss). Also, the rampancy of adult-onset deafness is 7.6% and 2% in childhood onset-deafness .From 5% people of the world’s populationscomprising hearing loss in 2018, it will be 10% (worldwide) by 2050 according to WHO.

The Root of Hearing Loss

The internal eardrum is sensitive to blood flow. Our ear has a fine hair-cell-like structure that gets easily affected. By any chance, these cells get damaged, a person experience hearing loss. Hearing loss can cause low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Some of the reasons are:

Prevention is better than cure

Hearing loss is irreversible, but small steps and changes in your routine can help to prevent it. You do not want to miss the sounds of joy and acoustic voices of nature as this small happiness creates unforgettable memories.

Too loud, too long- Wear ear gears for protection

Research shows that sounds above 70 dBA for long too long can cause permanent damage causing noise-induced hearing loss.
If the sound is above 100 dBA, then damage can occur very quickly. Even at lower volumes, damage can occur over prolonged exposure.
If your workplace is loud, consider purchasing earplugs for protection.

Decible chart for Prevention of Hearing loss

Turn the volume to the optimal level.

Rock bands, Musical fest, headphones, or our own TV sets are a significant danger to your hearing. Try to keep the volume to 60% of maximum importance and avoid using earphones for more than an hour. A little bit of turning down the music can make a big difference to your ear damage.

Don’t scratch in the ear.

You want to clean your ear with those cotton swab but putting foreign objects inside your ear canal can cause serious injury. The ear’s inner skin is sensitive and thin, and hence it can break easily, which can lead to infection, and by chance, if you get deeper inside your ear, chances are to rupture your eardrum.

Consult a doctor for ear infections.

Ear infections are common in adults as well as kids. If you have severe pain, then do not delay as it will not go away on its own. Waiting can put you at risk or hearing loss. So for any kind of pain or problem, rush to your ENT doctor and get diagnosed.

Some medications can damage the ear too.

Some medications damage the ear, causing hearing loss, ringing in the ear, or balance problems. Such medications are considered ototoxic. Doctors know that the medications may be a risk and prescribe them based on a medical condition treatment protocol.

However, hearing and balance problems get better when you stop taking the medication. But the damage doesn’t always go away and can be permanent. Your doctor will consider your hearing and balance system if you need an ototoxic medication to treat a severe illness or medical condition.

If the medications cannot be stopped or altered, the patient and the audiologist will manage the effects. During your medication treatment, get periodic hearing tests as part of the monitoring process, helping you identify any hearing changes, ringing in the ears, or balance problems.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

The record shows that Alcohol and smoking have adverse effects on the ear. Drinking and smoking cause swelling in your blood vessels and increase your inner ear’s blood flow, creating a ringing sound in your ear. Avoid these substances or cut down the consumption as the effect can be devastating.

Get your hearing tested

If you face a listening problem, get a hearing test as soon as possible, or you can permanently lose it. The earlier you detect, the first something can be done. Consider having a regular check-up if there is a chance of noise-induced hearing loss, such as working in noisy environments or the music industry.

How Shruti Program can Help You to Get Your Self Checked?

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