When should you get your hearing tested?

When and how often you should get your hearing checked depends on several factors. If you suspect you have hearing loss or someone has suggested, you or if you are above 60 you should get checked for your hearing health.
When should you get your hearing tested?

Some Signs You Should Get Your Hearing Checked

  • Asking people regularly to repeat or slow down the conversation.
  • Dull hearing (like water in your ears)
  • Regularly asking people to repeat themselves or slow down during a conversation.
  • Preferring high volume television or stereo than the other family members
  • Trouble hearing conversation in group discussion, call or in loud environment.

Difference between Hearing Testing and Screening

What is Hearing Test?

Hearing test is involves sitting in a sound-treated booth and having your hearing levels measured, which are then plotted on an audiogram.

When is Hearing Test Recommended?

Hearing Test is conducted when you, a loved one, or your healthcare provider suspect you have hearing loss because you are experiencing hearing loss symptoms.

What is Hearing Screening?

Screening for hearing is usually faster and less complicated than testing, such as answering a questionnaire, like our online hearing test.

When should you get screened for hearing health?

If you are exposed to high noise levels on the job, you are often required to participate in a screening program to check your hearing ability.
Screening is usually done when you do not have any symptoms of hearing loss.

How Shruti Program can Help You to Get Your Self Checked?

Shruti program will connect you to an expert telecaller who will guide you to get the nearest audiologist or doctor for consultation. A doctor or an audiologist can consult you for your journey of healthy hearing.