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Hearing Loss is Common and Treatable

Hearing plays a significant role in our overall quality of life. Hearing loss affects emotional & physical health, relationships, and everyday comfort. Yet millions of people let it go untreated, despite research showing an increased risk of falls, depression, anxiety and dementia.

Shruti program addresses hearing loss to start journey towards better hearing health through the power of technology.

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Hearing Better Makes Your Living Better

Research has established links between untreated hearing loss and physical, emotional, and social problems, including fatigue, stress, depression, impaired memory, and reduced alertness. Healthy hearing keeps you engaged, makes moments more memorable and lets you connect with the world with a sound mental and physical health.

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Getting Hearing Aid for Hear Loss is Easy with Shruti

Shruti is an innovative ear care program through which community is getting connected with our clinics in various cities of India to get Hearing Aid & Ear Machine. With an ENT surgeon as the central point of care, the programs are operationalized through trained community health workers (CHW) equipped with an “Ear Screening Kit.” Patients with a positive provisional diagnosis are routed to the point of care for receiving low-cost treatment, including advanced diagnosis, medicines, audiometric tests, good quality Ear Machine and surgical interventions.

How to Get Hearing Aid or Ear Machine

Shruti Programme can connect you with our nearest clinic in any city of India. You can visit nearest audiologist or ENT surgeon or Hear – Speech Specialist for your ear or hear health check-up. The expert can suggest you care plan or hearing aid or minor procedure to solve your ear or hear issue. However, you can always go through our easy online hearing test any time from our website.

Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can have far-reaching implications for you and those close to you. Untreated hearing loss can impact your health as well as your well-being. Research indicates that people with hearing loss have higher rates of depression, social isolation, and cognitive decline.

Medically, people with hearing loss face higher medical costs for other health issues and a higher risk of dangerous trips and falls. For people still in the workforce, hearing loss is linked to unemployment and lower earnings at work.

Fortunately, hearing loss is well-understood and often treatable with hearing aids. By seeking information here, you have taken a smart first step. Explore complete website of Shruti for details and process to get hearing aid.

Hearing Test

While there's no substitute for a check-up with a hearing professional, our interactive hearing tests will give you an idea of how well you can hear and communicate in everyday life. This online hearing test is not meant to replace a thorough evaluation from a hearing professional or audiologist. But it can help verify any current hearing loss you may have.