How to know if I have hearing loss?

Prevention and early detection of hearing loss are important. Hearing loss symptoms affect your quality of life, health, relationships, and career. Understand the symptoms of hearing loss to know when to seek help.
How to check hearing health?

Hearing depends on a series of events that change sound waves in the air into electrical signals. The auditory nerve plays a crucial role in taking these signals to the brain. Your auditory nerve then carries these signals to your brain through a complex series of steps. Any damage or interruption in this series of steps can cause hearing loss.

Hearing loss can occur in single or both ear and range from mild to significant symptoms.

There are various causes for hearing loss, of which age plays a significant role. Hence getting help at the right time induce a better lifestyle.

How to assure if you have hearing loss?

In the initial phase of facing hearing loss, you may start getting uncomfortable in discussions and daily life. There are various signs from which you might get an idea of checking your hearing health.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

1. From Common Signs

Take Online Hearing Test

2. Take Hearing Test

Getting Checked by ENT Specialist

3. Getting Checked by Specialist

From Common Signs of Hearing Loss:

Getting Help

Checking Hearing Health Online by ‘Hearing Test’

Our online hearing test can help you check your hearing health online. Then you can explore the audiologist or ENT surgeon network easily.

Hearing Test

Getting Checked by Audiologist / ENT specialist

Hearing loss can be severe. If you think you are facing hearing loss, the most important thing you can do is to seek advice from a health care provider.

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How Shruti Program can Help You to Get Your Self Checked?

Shruti program will connect you to an expert telecaller who will guide you to get the nearest audiologist or doctor for consultation. A doctor or an audiologist can consult you for your journey of healthy hearing.