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Kamla Nehru Road, Near Hanumanji Mandir, Civil Lines , Allahabad

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Allahabad Hearing Loss Clinics - Shruti Hearing Clinics

Allahabad is one of the famous cities of Uttarpradesh. Shruti hearing clinic networks have many hearing loss clinics in various areas of Allahabad. Our clinics can help you from testing your hearing health to getting a hearing aid. Shruti network has a user-friendly experience to get a hearing aid. Shruti hearing clinics are clinics where we understand that addressing a patients unique listening needs. Many people like to go for completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids as they are practically invisible and nobody would know that they are using a hearing aid. These are fairly protected from winds, person can talk normally on phone and also keep the ear quite ventilated and the occlusion effect is compact due as its located deep in the canal. These are developed for people who are suffering mild to severe hearing loss. In the canal (ITC) can be custom made and has various technical level choices which formerly required a larger aid. Moreover, these are one of the smallest style and are set inside the ear canal but not much deeper. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are used when there is hearing loss from mild to profound. These are available in various styles as per the requirements. Behind the ear hearing aids offer numerous directional microphone systems for enhanced perception of speech in noisy locations. Open fit hearing aids are same as behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. These are much smaller and the best part of this hearing aid is that you can intensify only the high tones and keep the ear ventilated and will save you from the occlusion effect. These are also beneficial for people with an increased wax buildup as the hearing aid is outside the ear, the ear wax wont be able to do any harm.

Get Hearing Aid & Ear Machines for Hear Loss Treatment?

Just Book an appointment by calling our counseling associate. The associate will ask primary questions about your hearing issues and suggest the best hearing clinic near your area. When the problem of hearing loss cannot be treated medically or surgically, a possible treatment which is fitting of hearing aids is recommended. After the initial consultation, hearing aids can be ordered from Shruti Clinic. Full maintenance and support available at Allahabad Shruti Clinics.